Hello, my name is Christopher Brückner. I study product design at the university of art and design in Offenbach near Frankfurt. My latest projects are mainly about lighting. Lately I spent lots of time experimenting with parametrical design by using Grasshopper. My next projects will focuse on combining my experience in lighting with parametric design. Also I plan to begin my diploma this year.

This Website coded by myself. It's just a simple place in the web to show my work and get in contact. I'm not a webdesigner but because I wanted to take full control over the representation of my work in the web I had to take a little dive into webdesign. Since I want to do things the right way I came to the conclusion, that I had to make use of HTML5 and CSS3. The result is a responsive design which basically means that the content of this page will fluidly adapt to whatever device you're using to view it with. Please make sure to use the latest browser to view this page and pleas don't use Internet Explorer older than version 9.



Christopher Brückner
Würzburger Straße 10
60385 Frankfurt am Main


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